Old Iron Film: Watch This Oshkosh Snowplow Trundle Through Deep Snow In 1936

Old Iron Film: Watch This Oshkosh Snowplow Trundle Through Deep Snow In 1936

This is a video that only fans of old slow trucks will really love. While the nation has not really plunged into the depths of winter yet, it ain’t gonna be long before white stuff is flying and piling up around the country, especially in the northern climes. This video was made in Minnesota during the 1930s and it shows one of the baddest trucks money could buy back then doing what it was designed to do. Oshkosh is still in business now and they are still making hardcore trucks. In the 1930s, places like rural Minnesota needed machines like this one. Think about it.

In today’s world we have equipment connectivity and the ability to reach out and touch someone in any number of ways. When we have big bad weather like the snow in this video, there’s machines that’s get roads and stuff cleared in a hurry. Yeah, it may slow us down for a day or so but other than that? It’s kind of business as usual. Imagine living in this area in 1936 and getting what looks like a few feet of snow. You’d be snowbound and likely have no way to communicate or extricate yourself from the situation. This Oshkosh breaking the road open was the only link that people in these areas had to the outside world. We’re sure people prepared better back and then they had their own methods for getting through but the sight of this behemoth bashing its way down the street had to be welcome.

We love watching the truck plod along as it rolls the snow off the tall blades of the plow. Gearing and weight at work!

Press play below to see this old Oshkosh truck trundle through deep snow in 1936

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