OUCH! Watch This Mini-Rod Tractor Get The Beans Above The Frank During A Pull

OUCH! Watch This Mini-Rod Tractor Get The Beans Above The Frank During A Pull

With no wheelbase, a couple thousand horsepower, and a very heavy sled moving at a high rate of speed behind it, a mini-rod pulling tractor is an exciting thing to watch. Like any racing vehicle that lacks wheelbase and has massive horsepower, things can get weird in a hurry and they certainly do for the driver of this tractor who had a rough go of it over in Europe, recently. The video shows two hooks. The first is clean and pretty decent. The second one starts OK, not great and then gets rapidly worse as the little tractor makes a break for the boundary line of the course and the driver does his level best to keep the hammer down and steer with the front end in the air.

The end result is a porpoising effect that unbalances the tractor, causes it to slam into the Earth, busts the front end up and beats the hell out of the driver all in the span of a couple of seconds. If you are wondering why tractors have roll cages and why sled operators wear helmets, this is a perfect example. When you watch the slow motion replay of this one, do so a couple of times. You will see the driver of the tractor take a couple of HUGE head shots on the cage. There is one that looks bad enough that it should have knocked him out cold. The sled operator is flopping about like a Twizzler as well. You need to see it slowly and multiple times to see it all.

We’re guessing there was plenty of work involved in getting this little hellion back on its wheels in terms of competition and we hope it was not torn up too badly. Anyone who has the sheer balls to sit there with their feet basically on a bell housing and drop the hammer has our respect big time.

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