Pulling Action Gallery: KTPA Tractors and Competitors From The Scott County Kentucky Fair

Pulling Action Gallery: KTPA Tractors and Competitors From The Scott County Kentucky Fair

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Threatening skies once again for pulling events at the Scott County Park, but the event staff managed to hook nearly every competitor before the rains put an end to the fun.  I’d been wanting to shoot pulling with the fair as a backdrop for a long time and the opportunities kept passing by so I was pleased to have this chance.   Four classes were to face the sled on this night and there was no shortage of action.  First up were the hot rod tractors.  This class is restricted to under 600ci and loaded with big-block Chevys.  The Raging Bull entry seemed to start off well on its run, but soon sounded a little sick and then the magic smoke was released.  I’ve included a photo showing one side of the oil pan.  The other was the same.  The track crew did a great job of skimming the oil-laden soil off and smoothing things up again in short order.  When the dust cleared Devin Dawson in the Rebel Express drug the weight 314.50ft, besting the class followed by Jeff Wright in Big Chief and Mark Dawson in Family Fued.

Next up was a small gathering of super-modified four-wheel-drive trucks.  This class is restricted to 500ci and OEM-style cast-iron blocks with no larger than 8-71 supercharger.  As the blower whine subsides and dusk was setting a young lady, Reliegh Funkhouser, driving Dewin It in the Dirt topped them all with a hook of 309.33ft.  Rounding out the top three were Nathan Sewell in the Valley Shaker and Misty Powell in the Super Slimer.

The third class to yank the sled was the super-modified two-wheel-drive trucks.  Not a lot of restrictions on these.  5-inch bore-spacing and no more than a 14-71 hi-helix blower.  A good assortment of top-shelf contenders were on hand as the sun slipped beyond the horizon and the fair lights provided a great background.  The festivities took a short pause following John Calvert’s explosive pass.  Being forward of the incident the sound was rather startling as the burst plate shot pieces of the nose in all directions.  Following that clean up the winner was determined to be another youngster, Ceaver Perry in the Extreme Demon which tugged the sled to 313.31ft.  Brandt Sullivan in All In and Jason Gibson in Youngblood completed the podium finishers.

The last batch to send was the limited-light super stock tractors.  Lots of rules on these, but must be 4 or 6-cylinder OEM stuff and the most-prevalent setup is running alky with a 370ci limit.  Sprinkles could be felt part way through the class and only a couple tractors were left when the officials finally called it.  Aaron Prewitt went 303.13ft in the Double Dealing Oliver/MinneMo.  Lindsey Moore in Old Rags came up second and Ethan Moore brought home third in the Kentucky Sled Hunter.

Enjoy the photos.

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