RideTech Announces New StreetGrip System For C10 Trucks – Pre Orders Being Taken Now, Shipping In November

RideTech Announces New StreetGrip System For C10 Trucks – Pre Orders Being Taken Now, Shipping In November

The RideTech StreetGrip line has been extremely popular with enthusiasts looking to step up the handling performance and fun of their car (and now truck!) without going through a full pro-touring style build situation. The matched parts are all designed to function well together, the kits are designed to provide great ride quality, and they are designed to balance ride comfort with performance in a way that nothing else on the market really does right now. In the case of this newest kit for C10 trucks they are also introducing some interesting new parts and pieces that make the installation of the kit unique and less intensive.

Outside of the obvious stuff like springs, sway bars, Delrin bushings, drop spindles, and HQ shocks, there’s an element to the C10 kit that we have not seen before. What we’re talking about of course is the bolt in C-notch that can be installed without removing or modifying the bed. The notch is provided because the kit takes your C10 down just about the equivalent of a 4.5/6.5 inch drop for the best looks, a lowered CG, and optimized suspension geometry.

Orders are being taken now, the kits are shipping in November, and if you don’t jump on this soon you’ll be the only dorky guy with a truck that cannot turn! Tons of information below…do it!

StreetGRIP for C10 Now Available
for Pre-Order!!!

C10 owners typically have to track down suspension components from several different sources, encounter a wide variety of delivery and quality issues…and HOPE that they have selected compatible components.  Not anymore…the new C10 StreetGRIP system offers an awesome ride, great handling, and easy installation in ONE BOX!

$2950 – Delivery Beginning in November 2016

  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Delrin Bushings for your OEM control arms to eliminate metal-to-metal OEM bushings or worn OEM rubber bushings to provide years of quiet friction-free service.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Boxed Bolt-In C-Notch that can be installed INSIDE the framerail without bed removal or modification.
  • Full-length Panhard bar with relocated mount to correct the position of the Panhard bar at your new lowered ride height.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Dual-Rate Coilsprings that provide both a superior ride quality AND handling while retaining OEM hauling capacity.
  • RideTech HQ Series Adjustable Shocks with new mounts to provide the finest in ride quality and handling in the world…AND a 1,000,001-mile shock warranty!
  • 1.250″ Front Swaybar with Delrin Bushings provides superior handling AND superior ride quality.
  • 2.5″ Drop Spindles eliminate bumpsteer and improve suspension geometry.
  • Heavy Duty trailing arm blocks, U-bolts, and hardware to replace your worn OEM pieces
  • Durable, attractive powdercoating…no rusted parts on your nice truck!
Lowers truck to 26.5″ front fender height and 27″ rear fender height with a 18″ tire.  This is approximately equivalent to a 4.5″/6.5″ drop.  (Specs available HERE)

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  1. sbg

    I like Ridetech – but how does a drop spindle change geometry? it certainly changes altitude, but the geometry stays exactly the same…

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