Three Big Rigs, One Pulling Course, And A Drag Race We’d Pay A Nickel To Watch Again and Again

Three Big Rigs, One Pulling Course, And A Drag Race We’d Pay A Nickel To Watch Again and Again

It is pretty easy to figure out how this started. Guy one challenged guy two and guy three wasn’t going to let those two jerks think that their trucks were faster than his. Yes, you are looking at three big rigs lined up on a pulling course preparing to drag race each other. If we had our way, this would be a national sport here tomorrow. We are not 100% sure where this was filmed in Europe and because we can’t hear the announcer that well, nor can we discern any of the signs on the track so we’re going to guess England. That’s pretty much our default guess on matters like this.

Anyway, we have three cab over rigs and being that cab over style trucks are the most popular in Europe that’s no big surprise. They have been hot rodded for use as pulling trucks and the plumes of black soot that they shoot into the sky is probably the best indicator of that. We’re not sure if these trucks are still road legal working trucks or just pullers but all three have some real scoot and the drivers pull several gears as they sprint down the 100m (300′ course). It is pretty tight quarters out there and the guys on the outsides both are kind of falling off into the cabbage as they try to keep pace. Stretch the course to an eighth mile, line them up three wide on the dirt like this and let them run heads up. How killer would that be to watch?!

We just think it is cool that whoever was running this show agreed to let this happen. In today’s sue happy world of lawyers and never ending legal mumbo jumbo, someone had the “guts” to humor these three drivers and this video is proof of the fun. You gotta love it! One of the weirdest drag races we have ever showed you but one of the coolest as well.


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