The Lewis Winch Has Been Around For 50 Years, Rules, And We Knew Nothing About It – Video

The Lewis Winch Has Been Around For 50 Years, Rules, And We Knew Nothing About It – Video

There’s nothing neater than discovering some awesome little mechanical device that we never knew existed before and then falling down the rabbit hole of the internet to learn more about it. This was the case recently when we first laid eyes on something called the Lewis Winch. The most basic description we can give you on the Lewis Winch is that it converts a standard chainsaw into an 8,000b winch. Seriously. A little two stroke chain saw becomes a unit capable of really doing some amazing pulling, dragging, or rescue work and we had no idea that this thing was even in existence, let alone the fact that it has been around for like 50 years!

We’re not even really sure how we found this thing but once we saw a single video of a guy moving a tree with one, we became obsessed and dragged out footage of it flipping vans over, raising huge logs on to trucks, and generally doing stuff that you’d expect nothing powered by a tiny little two stroke engine to succeed at. They were first used in the logging industry and were a smash hit right from the start. Manufactured in Oregon for years the operation moved to Canada after 2002 and continues there today.

Because the thing basically bolts onto the place of the chainsaw where the normal bar attaches, you can swap the unit on and off as you need it. Obviously functioning on some massive gear reduction principle, it looks like a tool that would be handy for anyone who spends time in the woods, off road, or anywhere that large object may block your path. The winch is clutched and it  has a brake that can be applied with varying levels of force, it is light enough to be carried around, and all you need to do it anchor it, hook it to what you want to pull, and then fire up the saw. In the lead video you will see it pulling a van over onto its wheels (if it had any wheels) and all the guy does it crank the throttle wide open and the van comes over like a Hot Wheels car. Just wild stuff.

We love things like this because they seem to find their market. It isn’t a product that is advertised all over creation and rammed down your throat but since they have been making them for 50 years one must make the assumption that they are well known in their marketplace. This is a hardcore tool for use at a moment’s notice. While truck winches may be more powerful and all of that stuff, we love this little guy for what it is.


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