This 1980s USHRA Compilation Will Rocket You Back To Your Childhood

This 1980s USHRA Compilation Will Rocket You Back To Your Childhood

Ok fine, if not all the way back to your childhood, at least about 30 years in the past. So my kids were off from school all last week and we did some fun stuff that I’ll be blogging about here in the days and weeks to come but we also spent many days just goofing off at the house. I busted out some of my old Diamond P monster truck videos and all of us were in heaven. The kids dig the old trucks and watching the videos make me feel like I am 10 again. This 5-minute 1980s USHRA compilation will take you to the same mental headspace I was in because it rules.

This is not just monster trucks. You will see them along with mud bogging and pulling. There’s lots of pulling snippets in here that remind us how awesome that sport was in the 1980s as well. From the weird trucks and tractors to the funny cars. Remember them? Remember the events when they ran them side by side hooked to the sleds like an actual drag race? So freaking cool. There’s some pretty rare footage of the Tim Arfons driven Green Monster turbine Camaro puller in here as well. That thing was cool because he ran it with the exhaust exiting straight up from the front and there was a version where the exhaust was shooting out of the sides as well.

The last thing here is the familiar music. Anyone that has watched any of the “Return” “War” or “Battle” of the monster trucks videos from this era will know it immediately. They say you can’t go back in time but this is five minutes of your day that may take you right back to an era where things were simpler and the world was less complicated.

Press play below to see this killer 5-minute 1980s USHRA compilation

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