This Kenworth T880 Fitted With A Roto Dump Rotating Body Is The Ultimate In Dump Truck Convenience

This Kenworth T880 Fitted With A Roto Dump Rotating Body Is The Ultimate In Dump Truck Convenience

Practicality is an important facet of any machine that will be used to get a job done. While we can look at dump trucks and revel in their size and braun there’s also the fact that these trucks are actually tools, designed to efficiently complete tasks. Hence the reason that there are dump trucks that range from small one ton jobs all the way up to the mighty three axle behemoths that haul 10s of yards of material at a whack.

Size and maneuverability are important factors as well. If you are running a business delivering materials to home owners you do not want something so large that you cannot navigate it around their property but also you have to prevent yourself from buying something so small that you have to make multiple trips to complete simple deliveries. A company has developed something called the Roto Dump rotating body that we think changes the dump truck game in a big way.

Now you can have the larger truck with way more maneuverability, way more options on where to deposit whatever the truck is hauling, and way more change to make picky job managers and homeowners happy. This should even make life a lot easier for drivers who will not have to go through a near ballet of moves to perfectly position their truck because they can do most of that with the bed now.

The video below seems to show a dealer demonstration for some people. It is neater than hell in our estimation and it would be pretty fun just figuring our how to operate the thing and playing with that. As basic as the dump truck is, the big lumbering machines have played an immeasurably important role in the world of modern construction and engineering. They are essentially hammers but even hammers can be refined and improved!

Press play below to see the Roto Dump rotating body in action –

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8 thoughts on “This Kenworth T880 Fitted With A Roto Dump Rotating Body Is The Ultimate In Dump Truck Convenience

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Rotating bodies have been fitted to site dumpers for years, but this is the first such body I have seen on a full size truck. Its up there with the best ideas in construction equipment along with turntable-equipped JCBs and front loaders. It sure beats using a shovel to shift loads of concrete conveniently delivered during your lunch break…

  2. john

    Is raising the CG of a dump truck a good idea? Decreasing radius off ramps “chew up” trucks every day here in NJ.

  3. Chuck Lipka

    These things have been in use by the railroads for a long time. This thing appears to have a set of track guide rail wheels on the front…..look under the outer edges/ends of the front bumper.

    1. WIlliam Kelly

      Norfolk and Southern has them here, and has had them for years. Great for moving ballast around the railyard, but limited weight capacity.

  4. Greg Rourke

    Typically the entire load doesn’t spill on a conventional dump truck, you have to drive out from under it. Unless you’re hauling ping pong balls I’m not sure how well this thing will work. Besides, side dumps have been around for years.

  5. Anthony

    That’s not a ke worth t880….it’s a t800. FYI there’s somewhat of difference.

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    A Roto Dump – is that what taking a shit on a Ferris Wheel is called?

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