This Video Featuring A 1970s Chevy C10 From Brazil Proves How Universal Hot Rodding Is

This Video Featuring A 1970s Chevy C10 From Brazil Proves How Universal Hot Rodding Is

While McTaggart has a fascination with the cool cars that Australians have gotten over the years I have gotten really interested in the iron of South America, specifically Brazil. Why? The stuff is close to its American counterparts in many areas but in others totally different. Take this middle 1970s Chevy C10 pickup for example. If you glance at it you’d think from head-on that it was pretty similar to an American 1968-1972 truck but after that the body is totally different. In fact, other than the headlight buckets we’re not sure that it shares a panel with anything sold in America. The cab has kind of a windswept styling to it, the hood is totally different, the body lines are different and it really has a vibe all of its own.

Mechanically there’s a traditional Chevy small block under the hood and that engine is bolted to a three speed transmission that is shifted on the tree. The narration of the video is in a language that we don’t speak but the fun part and the thing that drove us to talk of hot rodding as the universal language is that there are words you’ll pick up immediately. Edelbrock, Holley, and Mickey Thompson are among them. The truck is an awesome cruiser and it looks to have been finished in a really high quality.

We’re pretty certain that this is a 1975 model year Brazilian C10. By looking at old photos and making an educated guess, that’s the best we can come up with. Lowered and mildly hot rodded, we’d love to hop in the cab and go for a ride. If you can believe it there was actually a crew cab version of this thing but it only had two doors. There were two rows of seating but just a pair of doors and a really short bed. That’s a freaky looking little thing and truthfully we prefer this short bed standard cab model to all others.

This truck is cool, different, and definitely 100% BangShift approved!

This video feature of a 1970s Chevy C10 from Brazil proves hot rodding is universal

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