Viking Funeral: Sending A Detroit 8V71 Off In One Last Fiery Farewell

Viking Funeral: Sending A Detroit 8V71 Off In One Last Fiery Farewell

Nobody wants to see the end to anything they cherish and hold dear. We mourn and feel anguish when a loved one dies. We shed tears and console ourselves as best as we can when a beloved pet makes the trek to the Great Beyond. For some, the end of a sports season actually brings about a depression. For others, a change in seasons will do the trick instead. You can’t help the death of a living being, the seasons will change around once more, and baseball will return next spring. But this Detroit Diesel 8V71 isn’t coming back. It’s done.

The story of this GMC 9500 is pretty vague up to the last few years of it’s life. After a bearing failed and a subsequent tow job by a tractor opened up the radiator, the truck was deemed unworthy of repair and was left behind a shop for over a decade. Ultimately, the decision was made to scrap the old GMC, but before it gets ripped apart and sent away for scrap, there is the Detroit under that nose that has a date with death. We’ll admit that we’re cringing with you, readers, because that engine sounds pretty solid on startup when they are just messing around and seeing if everything is ok. But ultimately the governor is removed, the rack set to wide open, and the key is turned for the last time. As the engine is both force-fed and worked into a runaway scenario, you have to wonder how long it’ll last. Eight minutes is the time between final fire-up and the fireball.

Thanks to Kevin Brown for the tip!

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5 thoughts on “Viking Funeral: Sending A Detroit 8V71 Off In One Last Fiery Farewell

  1. KCR

    I’m not a big fan of destroying old stuff just for youtube. I know they made a kajillion 318 Detroits. And pretty much no one uses them any more. And it was his to do what he would like to do with it. I would have been more impressed if he got it all up and running ,and did a big burnout with it. That’s just me.

  2. Richard Noggin

    Those old GMC/Chevy trucks are hard to find in that condition….blown motor or not – hopefully they chose to save the truck & not scrap it! There is something called Karma

  3. Turbo Regal

    As I get older, I am drawn more to stories of rebuild and resurrection and less to the destruction of old vehicles.

    It’s a shame that truck didn’t get the chance to live again.

  4. Brian

    That could have been a really cool truck. I dont have the funds or a place to keep a project like that, so watching someone destroy an older truck for no good reason is kind of frustrating.

  5. Ed

    What a lame video. Sorry, but that\’s just a waste of cool mechanicals and evidence of a lack of creativity on the part of the guy who owned it. Shame.

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