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This 1980 Monza Is A Cool Little Car With An Engine We Would Have (wrongly) Scrapped In Our Younger Days

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  • This 1980 Monza Is A Cool Little Car With An Engine We Would Have (wrongly) Scrapped In Our Younger Days

    While I don’t think I am necessarily getting any wiser as I advance through the years, I do believe that my ability to make rational and informed decisions is getting better. This 1980s Monza stands as a perfect case. Someone is selling this car for less than $2500 bucks. It runs, it has a hot […]


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    Had a 79 sunbird with a 78 monza front clip and the Iorn Duke with a 4-speed behind it, great little car a blast to drive and yes fairly economical wish I still had it.
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      I walked by a "spyder" monza out here in the woods in the late 80s. Just sat there even after for sale...months, maybe a couple of years. Factory blue.
      A high school friend stopped to get a look, had the cash... and he changed his mind to get a citation with a v6.
      I am still laughing today.

      This same town had a gt-r with fuel injection from 1981, original logos never stolen, as the plow smashed into it for nearly a decade...
      small town stuff.

      These lessons hve me trying to hide a dual port, dual range, 15inch wheeled, 1 year paint code subaru still get hit by a down syndrome snowblower operator.

      Again from this same little town, a creaking garage door opening in the twisted building to a baby blue factory 1984 monte carlo SS. I bought it for 1700 with just over 100k miles. Washed it, waxed, realized it was mint... charged the A/C.. and realized I did not see a genuine H.O. 305 power again until a 1996 gmc with an engine called a vortec 5.0. That was a monte carlo that broke free at 80mph.

      Goes to show.. you need to stand ground kids.
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