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Question Of The Day: What Vehicle Safety Features Do You Put Faith Into?

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  • Question Of The Day: What Vehicle Safety Features Do You Put Faith Into?

    Earlier this week we reported on Takata’s admission to the NHTSA that their airbag inflators were faulty, which in turn has set the stage for what very well may be the biggest recall of a product in history, at a current count of 33.8 million vehicles with the option to include more. Wonderful news, isn’t […]


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    After a nominally functional brain, I need something that steers it. That, in my mind, is safety item number 1. Then there is the old adage:

    a) Working Horn
    b) Brakes
    c) Manual transmission

    choose two. That oughta cover it.
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      I believe in seatbelts, just check the root of where they are connected, as cars age.
      could be a simple as a pivot point getting old, or finding, like in many ricers, you could kick a b-pillar with your foot..
      wtf is a seatbelt going to do?

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      • #4 the driver I'm ALWAYS aware of my surrounding. Given the number of idiots on cell phone or distracted in some other way. I have become very sensitive to watching away head on the road and look for ways to escape problems. I guess this is leftover behavior learned short track racing away back in the day.
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