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Do You Believe That The State Of Drag Racing Is Better Or Worse Than 20 Years Ago?

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  • Do You Believe That The State Of Drag Racing Is Better Or Worse Than 20 Years Ago?

    If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times…” All the race tracks near me are gone.” And that’s not just from Drag Racers, but since this is BangShift1320 I figured I would be specific. After all, humans are encroaching on all kinds of new areas, including those where drag strips are situated. […]


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    We still have plenty of tracks here in central Indiana. Raceway Park just west of Indy , one about 40 miles north east of Indy in Muncie. And then there is one north of Indy about 65 north at Bunker Hill . But I don't think there is as much intrest as there used to be 20 years age. Back when everyone drove their race cars all week , we couldn't afford another car
    . Now if you dont have another car for during the week , you don't go racing .
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      Actually, there's more straight line acceleration racing now than ever before - both worldwide and here in the U.S. Growth has been in "non-traditional" facilities. But it's straight-line, short course with winner and loser determined on each elimination run.

      Jon W. Lundberg, Sr., RETIRED


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        it is much better now than ever.
        any new real standard can spread like wildfire to communication. Journalism can come from anyone willing.

        My only drag race at a track was in 1993, the left lane had a roll caged, helmet wearing chrysler driver..
        I was in the right, had to be asked to roll my window up, forgot my seatbelt..didn't think I needed helmet. First time ever.

        we both took off, my own 500 dollar chevelle was a wheelie.
        10.4 seconds later, and a reaming by a track official...
        I still did not have to go home.

        If that sounds cool story to you.. real shame. I do not admit my old school dives into anything.

        the 1/8th mile track can be heard from dads driveway. I clearly remember timings not doing the right thing, sputters , wild throttle climbs and featherings to keep control..more than 20 years now.
        Today it is one solid fantastic shot right to the end, bellowing through the woods..

        Safety, boundaries..real rules, real wins..accurate timers, engines, drivetrains, control.
        it is way better today.
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