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Cyclekarts: We Want One!

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    Re: Cyclekarts: We Want One!

    Originally posted by Beagle
    The problem I see with those little wheels is little axles... which is all you need if you have support on both sides, but not so good if you only have one side.

    If you run a solid axle, I'd sure be happier boring everthing out to an inch. The back wheels have cush drives, and the sprocket is steel with 4 ears that fit in the cush drive. I think that could be modded reasonably easy - you could make a flange / spider to mount to the sprocket or maybe just use one from a go-kart that's already keyed up and ready to go. Go kart axle from Northern, couple of pillow blocks...
    I'm liking that idea the most, You'd have both chain rings facing inboard, drawing of a jack shaft.
    It's getting the cush drive mounted on the axle.The only thing really that would change is you would have to
    rotate a brake actuator (I'm thinking Drum) around to be pulled from the reverse direction on the driver side wheel (honda wheel)
    but that's it.
    All I'm really hung up on is the drive on the rear, and Front axle,knuckles.
    Like you said in single sheer we'd need it to be a little stronger.

    jackshaft link.

    The more we use off the shelf parts the more accessible they'll seem to us "normal guys".
    Totally put ALL the building tips and ideas out there.
    We could totally be their Nemesi. Is that how you would say nemisis plural?


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      Re: Cyclekarts: We Want One!

      The more and more i think about it.
      I think a three wheel is the easiest route for all of us.
      If we were to actually take it serious and create a name.
      Coined by: Beagle

      That way whatever dirtbike,moped, come up with
      you easily mount the engine and swing arm (optional) to a
      rigid gokart type front.
      For those who aren't fab savoy they'd be able to cut up
      two frames (bike/moped,and gokart) then take it to a welder
      and bam done.
      Now move on to figuring out the body.

      Make it unlimited in most accounts, but must have a body.
      (of a Hotrod,Streetrod,Cigar Car,etc..)
      Elsewise just create an off-road class.


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        Re: Cyclekarts: We Want One!

        Hey guys, if they can have a racing league for riding lawnmowers, I think that it would be pretty easy to modify one of these cycle cars in the same way , seeing how they get those lawnmowers to 50 mph and above and have no problem stopping and even having a trans. Not to mention that the outlaws racers are using street bike engines (1100 cc and above) not to mention using Jr dragster drivetrains (which I see them using those engines on mini bikes and smoking stock Harley's, see youtube) . I 've been considering building one for landspeed racing using Jr. Dragster parts . what ya think.


        ps: look at golf cart parts they can be modified to fit larger tires and brakes