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It’s Over: Aviation Industry Dead In California With Close Of Boeing C-17 Production

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  • It’s Over: Aviation Industry Dead In California With Close Of Boeing C-17 Production

    There was a time when it was weird a plane someone was flying on wasn’t built in California, such is no longer the case. After being a massive producer of airplanes and massive driver of the aviation industry, California is officially out of the commercial and military airplane building business with the last Boeing C-17 flying away […]


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    Your basic premise is bullshit, Brian. Suggest you find out what the hell you're talking about before you repost someone else's drivel.

    Wichita, Kansas is the AIR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, OK? 6 out of every 10 privately owned airplanes were built here - not in Cali. As for general aviation - Cessna and Beech have been here since the early days, while Stearman (which became Boeing) was also here (and remains as a small aircraft part shop). Mooney started here, as well as Culver, Travel Air, Prescott, and Rawdon. Every LearJet ever made was born here. B-17's were made here in WWII, every B-47 bomber was made here, and a great many B-52's was built right here in Doodah. ALL Air Force One's have been built here since the VietNam war. There have been over 25 aircraft companies making their home in Wichita over the decades. Many foreign aircraft makers have built parts or whole planes here, including Piaggio and Hawker. Airbus even maintains a 350 strong engineering lab here. Helicopters, drones, missiles, and cropdusters have been built here. There are over 100 machine shops in town, turning out airplane parts as subcontractors to the big plants. There are avionic makers here, aircraft interior shops, pilot training services, and aircraft service centers here. If you don't work in aviation in this town, you KNOW someone who does. Wichita is to aircraft, as Detroit is to cars - and if you ask almost any pilot, they will tell you the Mecca of aircraft making is HERE in the heartland, not out west. So stuff SoCal and their so-called aviation heritage. They ain't got shit on Wichita.
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