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Inexperienced, Undereducated Truck Driver Destroys Indiana Bridge Built In 1880

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  • Inexperienced, Undereducated Truck Driver Destroys Indiana Bridge Built In 1880

    (Photos and statement by Orange County Indiana Law Enforcement) – When engineers designed the iron bridge in Paoli they tried to account for lots of things. Unfortuantely they could not account for 23 year old Mary Lambright, a freshly minted CDL truck driver whose last name comically contains the word “bright”. You may think we’re being […]


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    Yeah , I saw this on Christmas . I bet she would have gotton fired if they knew a non employee was riding on board opening them up for a law suite, not to mention the rest of this mess. I used to pass that bridge all the time going down to my in laws just south of French Lick . The town will sure look different. They had a old store burn down on the Square awhile back. Not sure what was rebuilt there . The in laws moved back up here but , I've had a hackering for a day trip down there.
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      that is ashame.

      It is countless times, even experience takes a wrong turn.
      I remember hopping out of the truck when I was a boy with simply a bright flag or gloves, stopping traffic.

      One episode, we backed up out of a one way, extremely urban latino neighborhood is my most fond memory.
      Not a lick of normal english. Very excitable bunch.
      about half a foot of room on each side, and backing up....quarter mile or so. The highway was right off to our left full speed thought it was the way to the onramp.

      people came out and actually helped.

      No excuses for not knowing tonnage.

      On the other hand, the sight of the bending steel shows how the trailer dispersed a backbone weight on the 15-17000 pound tractor.
      Really overdid it. In weight dispersion, that is an area of grey, drivers need to feel the fifth wheel weight as a finale.
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        I took the last 5 of my working days off . Besides a little shopping ( which is work ) and finishing my daughters trans install in her tahoe ( which was work ) and 2 days working on my sisters electrical system in her Grand Cherokee ( which was work ) and then get the trans am from my oldest sons house to my house where my youngest so lives to work on it today, I saw it was sunny and blew it off and headed south in the vette with the mrs. ( Paula ) and though I'd check out this bridge . Whilr it is collapsed on one side its very fix able. They had done a restoration on it in something like 2005 . If they tear it down it will be because they can get the insurance company to foot all or most of the bill to build a new and wider one . This is in a residential area mostly . Only rated for 6 tons. I think thats less that a school bus . It will be interesting . Oh yeah , the truck driver got something like a $135 dollar ticket .
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          Face palm, SMH... not knowing what a ton weighs... Nor how tall her truck was...
          Common sense out the door!


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            Every .....about 16 feet the stringers that went the lenght of the bridge were joined together. I was surprised how short the longest peices of steel were. It literally was a big erector set.
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