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  • Fuel Tank / Fuel System

    Hey guys just had a few questions i'm hoping you can help me answer. So i'm supercharging my 357 and i'm completely replacing my fuel system (Fuel pump, filter, regulator, Fuel lines, and fasteners) i'm deleting my mechanical fuel pump for a reliable boost referenced fuel system. But from all that i have found it looks like ill be running an external fuel pump, and i know i could leave my original in-tank fuel pump and still run the new pump but do you all think it would be better to remove the in-tank pump so it doesn't cause any restriction, and if that is what you recommend how do i go about closing my fuel tank once removing the in-tank fuel pump? Sorry if that's a dumb question.. Also where would the new fuel lines go into the pump at then, is there a plate that they make to close off the top of the pump or what?? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me!!