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Don’t Call It A BRAT: This 8-Second Subaru Brumby Is Sick!

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  • Don’t Call It A BRAT: This 8-Second Subaru Brumby Is Sick!

    The Subaru BRAT: The one coupe-utility that was sold in the States that isn’t often thought of. Memories of a strange little pickup with jump seats in the back to circumvent an archaic tax have pretty much come and gone. There are the dedicated fans, of course, but honestly we can’t remember the last time […]


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    I had found this a long time ago, older video.
    powerglide included.

    they got the porsche 718 within 1 second of Z06 at willow springs..
    I am curious what a prosche guru does for drag racing with their model of the 2.5 flat four.

    I have had a 1.8L subaru 3 main centered for several years, there is a physic unmatched.. always incredible.
    I am low powered to boot, still incredible.

    Broke the rear end in november.. 7th time. 99% of the IRS cage is already my own frankensetin. Quite a little monster.

    there is no letting 1% go with these boxers.
    Previously boxer3main
    the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.