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BangShift Question Of The Day: Do You Have Any Good Station Wagon Memories?

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  • BangShift Question Of The Day: Do You Have Any Good Station Wagon Memories?

    The timing was off, I guess. When it comes to discussions on who rode in what growing up as a kid, most people my age rode around in minivans or the early smaller SUVs of the early 1990s. Older than me, they rode around in station wagons. Younger, probably a Toyota Camry. I grew up […]

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    My first car was a 1958 Ford Country Squire wagon - pale yellow with DiNoc "wood" trim. It was a rusted out piece of crap I bought from my aunt for $10, but everything worked and at the age of 12 I wanted a car to work on instead of working on all the bicycles in the neighborhood. Had a 4 barrel 352 engine with the Interceptor package. During junior high and my sophomore year of high school I was cool because I HAD A CAR. I didn't get a drivers license until my junior year, but that didn't mean I didn't take it for a spin around the farm at high rates of speed. LOVED that wagon right up to the day I sold it to the salvage yard for $150.

    In the early 80's I had a Pinto wagon - pale yellow with the Dinoc "wood" trim.... Served me well until the day the stupid old lady ran the red light at Harry and Washington. I smacked her so hard her Oldsmobile 225 made a complete 360 before coming to stop across the intersection. I never saw an old lady get out of a car so fast so she could hyperventilate by the front bumper. She was offended when the officer gave HER the ticket - he had seen the whole thing from the convenience store on the corner. She thought because I was young and had sideburns I should get the ticket. Got $250 from the salvage yard on that one, and they let me take the brand new DieHard battery and TEAC cassette player out of it first.

    About 10 years ago I bought a 1966 Studebaker Wagonaire from a guy in my car club. It had the rear roof that opened, the back half slid into the front half - and it had a fold-down ladder on the rear tailgate with an electric rear window... WHITE. The factory A/C worked great, but I never needed it. I would open the roof and the wing windows and drive 65 down the highway with a sweet breeze to cool my hide. Also, at every gas station or car wash the guys would come over to check it out and look under the hood to admire the 283, and when I went to a restaurant or grocery store old women would tell me my car was cute, and that they loved it. They even used to wave at me when I was driving. That wagon was a chick magnet, as long as they were old enough to know what a station wagon was. Did a lot of work to it, and sold it 5 years later to another club member in Kentucky who HAD TO HAVE IT. And he got it, with all the spare parts - for the price I wanted, plus he sent a truck to get it. Made a profit on that one.

    Love me some American station wagons.
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