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    Received an e-mail the other day from the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School announcing that they are going to be putting on a racing clinic and inviting me to attend. Kind of pricey but sounds like fun...not sure how I got on the mailing list ??? but it got me thinking...

    Anyone ever been to one of these drag-racing or roundy-round dirvers schools/clinics?

    Worthwhile or not?

    Feedback appreciated.
    Michael from Hampton Roads

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    Re: Race Car Schools...

    When my daughter turned 17 I took her to the Hawley Supercomp school, I took the course too. She wanted to drive my racecar and I thought it would be better letting her get her feet wet in a fairly "calm" car. I think it was probably the best $$ I have ever spent.
    WE took up a collection and sent my tuner, engine builder, chassis builder John Farr to the Hawley alcohol school a few years ago. It was really spendy (about 6 grand for 6 runs) but he to said it was the best $$ ever spent, even though he got the ride for free.
    What is amazing about Hawleys school is a large number of the pro drivers in NHRA and IHRA have been to him. A lot of them go back when they get into a slump or are having a problem with reaction time etc.
    My best advice to anyone that is thinking about it, go, go , go, go. Be forwarned, leave your ego at home because when your done with which ever course you go to your ego is really gonna be deflated. BUT I guarantee you will be a better driver when you are done.


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      Re: Race Car Schools...

      Great article about Frank Hawley Drag Racing School in the September 2009 issue of Chevy High Performance magazine.

      If you successfully pass all your runs, you can earn your NHRA Competition License.
      Says the course is around $2,000 with facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and at headquarters in Gainesville, Florida.
      Must admit that I have been contemplating it also ...


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        Re: Race Car Schools...

        Years ago Duke Southard (A roundy-round chassis guy headquartered in Florida) was teaching a dirt setup class in Ely, NV. I forgot how much it was per person, maybe a couple hundred bucks or something, but it was some of the best spent money and stuck with me for a long time, somethig the book never did. I'd say if you can do a little research as far as the instructor's (or school's) credentials, go for it. There's nothing quite like being able to ask questions or discuss things that never seem to get covered in books.


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          Re: Race Car Schools...

          my buddy bill used to work for the buck baker driving school
          that was a good course