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"Great Advice" For Finding a Mechanic

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  • "Great Advice" For Finding a Mechanic

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    This guy's method of finding a good place to get his car worked on is rather dubious. However around here the reputation of auto mechanics are rather like that of used car salesmen. Sure there are some great places to get your cars fixed here, but unfortunately there are a lot more that deserve the bad reputations they have. I know there a lot of mechanics on this forum and I am not maligning their profession, but like all professions be it teacher,banker, doctor, used car salesman or mechanic it has become hard to find the good ones. I guess the best ones have a waiting list and a bunch of old guys just hanging around for free coffee isn't the waiting list I'm referring to.


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      Re: "Great Advice" For Finding a Mechanic

      That is the stupidest article I've read in quite some time.
      I'm still not sure if he is serious or just trying to be funny ...


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        I see where the guy is coming from. The only shop I trust here in town I rate in a similar manner. There are beer cans laying around the shop. And my theory is that if the mechanics/owner is drinking at work that means either he is really really good or really really bad, no inbetween. Since his shop is constantly full of different vehicles I figure he must be good. That has been backed up by personal dealings with the shop for the last few years as well.

        (though admittedly seeing the cans laying around is a bit disconcerning, like it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong due to alcohol, but they have always been helpful and straight shooting with me and the several people I've sent there).
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          A HOPEFULLY interesting observation on my part. Click and Clack used to be really abrasive and I wouldn't listen to them. The old "we know something you don't know" deal. I'm guessing that as more and more people know less and less about their cars, the bros have decided that it's better to present a better face for the profession and they seem to be doing that. They are still really funny but not at the expense of the caller as much as they used to be. On the other hand, some of the callers are just dumb and it's hard to leave that ball hanging over the net, to use a volley ball analogy.

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            Re: \

            Pretty dumb. Whatever...

            Why the pic of the Amish dudes? They don't hang around garages all that much... they don't have vehicles to have work done on! Further more, if they did have cars, those Amish guys could fix their own junk.
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              Originally posted by TheSilverBuick
              The only shop I trust here in town I rate in a similar manner. There are beer cans laying around the shop.
              I worked at a shop that had a lot of alcohol consumed in it...but only after the sign in the window was turned to "closed"

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                Re: \

                now that I have one foot out of the business , I can say that 50% of the business is a rip off
                UPSELL - gotta upsell , sell flush services and not doing the flush , 2 plug tuneups , rear brake shoes that got sold , not put on the car , but star wheels cranked up , flat rate freddy has got to eat and if you don't upsell , you die
                we get paid piecework
                the only way you make money is a lot fraud ... since I was so good at doing warranty work , I got stuck with that , but took out my revenge on the used car department , and steal pdis the minute the cars come off the truck

                the system rewards fraud


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                  Re: \

                  I've worked in repair shops and dealerships since I was 16, that's 21 years now. I've never worked in one where customers were ripped off on purpose. About the only thing I see that I don't agree with is all these flush services. It's all BS and I don't care what anyone else thinks about it. If you maintain your car properly you will never need any of these snake oils that service writers try to force on the customer. It's preying on their fears that something bad will happen to the car that they won't be able to afford to fix, so spend $$ now to prevent spending $$ later ???

                  Jeezus Spidey sounds like you guys should be investigated, but I guess that's the way it goes in NJ.

                  Almost forgot, I think the guy intended to be funny with the article. No offense taken here.


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                    Re: \

                    the system causes it , individuals are the rip off artists
                    they know who they are
                    I have railed about it my whole life - FLAT RATE FREDDY has ruined the dealership business
                    I was very happy working at ramsey pontiac gmc , they brought in flat rate freddy to help me , since I was by myself , he systematicly ruined the place - the first 3 months he was there - every vehicle he looked at needed 4 wheel brakes with rotors and e brake shoes
                    100% batting average
                    our customers were well heeled driving the ever bad ass gmc denali , but they are not fools
                    we lost 30% of our volume every month
                    cerami pontiac got busier and we got slower

                    so , I tell the truth and get shot down ... I have worked in NJ , connecticut , mass , NY and florida
                    it is the same everwhere
                    my lack of income the last few tears has come from a customer shortage