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Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

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  • Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

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    Re: Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

    "[John]Andretti, who retains close ties to the Petty family, says the racing world changed dramatically over the years and big business became much more important as the Pettys plowed through seasons of drought."

    "'The complexion of racing changed,' he says. 'It's not just racers doing it anymore. When you get big, there's a price to pay. There are people who do this now who are in control but who are not racers. That's good, but it brings a price.'"

    That's what John Andretti said when Petty Engineering was shuttered after more than half a century of mostly continued operations and Gillette-Evernham renamed "Richard Petty Motorsports"

    Kyle Petty was even more blunt:

    "I won't even watch it on TV, that's what it's like,' said Petty . . . 'It's crap is what it's like.'"

    "Kyle Petty said he feels no loyalty for the new team. . . ."

    "'It means nothing to me,' he said. 'Let's be real honest. There's Richard Petty Motorsports or whatever you want to call it. But there is no Petty Enterprises.'"

    Richard Petty seems really nothing more than a marketing figurehead.

    The "investment" of guys like Gillette in the sport was in anticipation of franchising (i.e. limiting participation only to teams that are "franchised" by NASCAR-- Just like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and virtually all other professional sports leagues outside of Formula One racing).

    Of course, franchising has never formally happened -- although with the domination of multi-car "superteams" and the "Top 35 guarantee" rule, NASCAR essentially limits participation to a few established teams, accomplishing about the same thing as franchising (but without the TV revenue sharing).

    Auto racing has been a popular outlet for cash-flush Middle Eastern elites for some time. For example Ford's World Rally Championship team is actually the "BP Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team." BMW has sold its Formula One team to Qadbak Investments, a Swiss group representing " interests of certain Middle East and European-based families."

    Thus the possible sale of part of RPM by Gillette to a Middle Eastern investor is likely motivated by the attraction the Oil Princes have to the glamor of motorsports and the opportunity for Gillette to recoup some losses and spread the risk.

    RPM seemed to lose its focus before Ray Evernham left. Petty Engineering, which contributed some car numbers, Richard Petty, and not much else, had a horrible record over the past twenty seasons. And the factory money from Dodge has basically dried up. Thus the poor performances probably aren't too related to any ownership intrigue.


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      Re: Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

      I'm cashing in 20 books of S&H green stamps and purchasing this once glorious team. :P Jeremy Mayfield will be our primary driver with sponsorship from Claritin, Drano, Zippo lighter fluids and Service Pro brake fluid. ;D


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        Re: Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

        richard is just the face man - gillette is the bag man


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          Re: Who The Hell Owns Richard Petty Motorsports?

          Originally posted by BobStuart
          I'm cashing in 20 books of S&H green stamps and purchasing this once glorious team. :P
          GREEN STAMPS! ;D For that many books, you probably could have bought Chrysler!


          11. "The King" spent most of the development budget on tooth whiteners and feathered cowboy hats.

          10. That thang ain't got a Hemi

          9. Too much STP (R) Son Of A Gun on the steering wheels

          8. Erin Crocker is really Memo Paris from "The Natural" (

          7. The mechanics think they're just building lame "strokers" for the Richard Petty Driving Experience

          6. Too much free Budweiser consumed at RPM staff meetings

          5. Drivers can't see wearing trademark Richard Petty sunglasses

          4. Old Yates Racing Shop (Now RPM's shop) is built on ancient Indian burial ground

          3. Kyle Petty lost Lee Petty's top secret book on how to win in a poker game with Rick Hendrick

          2. Crew chiefs following too many speed tips from Mayor McCheese and Ronald McDonald

          1. Are your serious? They're running DODGES for Pete's sake!