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NASCAR Hall of Fame Snubs Pearson; CNet Runs Cool Tribute

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  • NASCAR Hall of Fame Snubs Pearson; CNet Runs Cool Tribute

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    Re: NASCAR Hall of Fame Snubs Pearson; CNet Runs Cool Tribute

    Pearson was one my favorites back in the day before NASCAR got stupid.
    And I'll bet he could still teach todays' crop of Cup drivers a thing or two if he ever got the chance.
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      Re: NASCAR Hall of Fame Snubs Pearson; CNet Runs Cool Tribute

      The main problem is that only two of the five slots were even theoretically up for grabs (It's a given that Petty would be in because of his win record and seven championships . . . and nobody should be surprised that the France family took up two of the five slots for themselves).

      Moreover, given Earnhardt's legend, his championship tie with Petty, and his recent demise (all of which have been amplified to near mythic levels by national television) he was likely a lock as well.

      Junior Johnson beat the ol' Silver Fox because of his success as both a racer (50 wins) and as a prototypical car owner. Johnson was one of NASCAR's first "break-out" stars because of Tom Wolfe's famous Esquire Magazine piece "The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Yes!"

      While Pearson won over twice as much as Johnson (and a lot more than Earnhardt), Pearson's wins occurred before NASCAR became a weekly national television phenomenon. And after he retired from driving, he didn't stay in the sport like Petty or Johnson.

      Pearson also spent much of his career as a part-time "poacher," sailing in for a handfull of superspeedway races in the Wood Brothers Mercury and skipping the championship grind (although he did win three season titles).

      Thus, Pearson's exploits were almost like the proverbial "trees falling in the forest" because the majority of NASCAR's current fan base (and many sports writers) were not around to hear them. They failed to make a sound that registered in the voters' consiciousness.

      The first HOF class excluded others who probably have a complaint as well, such as Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, Darrell "Jaws" Waltrip, Lee Petty, Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly, Tim Flock, Fireball Roberts,and (as much as I hate to write it) felon Rick Hendrick.

      Of course, I'd have voted for Pearson over both Johnson and Earnhardt. But I'm not surprised the balloting went the other way.

      The real question I've not heard asked is "does there really need to be another HOF?"