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Speedzzter Says: Why Do Automotive Engineers Hate Us?

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    Re: Speedzzter Says: Why Do Automotive Engineers Hate Us?

    Originally posted by Speedzzter.blogspot

    So did she get 'em started?

    I've got a love-hate relationship with the Lima 2.3 turbo 4. Not the easiest mill to work on, for sure.
    I thought it was sweet of her to offer, but no way was the lovely Donna gonna stick her hand down into that oily mess of an engine bay. Not while I'm still breathing.

    God I hate working on daily drivers. Especially ones that you picked up for a song and have a bunch of deferred maintenance. Racecars are clean and pristine and have all the superfluous detritus removed so they can be easily worked on.

    Working on Turbo-4s in the stock engine bay, with a stock K-member flat sucks. And the wiring is decaying at an alarming rate. Let alone trying to figure out the wiring hacks that the PO perpetrated, probably cause the stock wire connectors had decided to return to their base elements. At this rate it would have been quicker to swap the LSx into the BMW.