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Rumor Confirmed: Gen 5 Camaro Z28 on the Way

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    Re: Rumor Confirmed: Gen 5 Camaro Z28 on the Way

    Originally posted by Memphis
    Originally posted by milkovich
    I feel like consumers are sophisticated enough to realize that this beast with even 1000 hp wouldn't be as good as a base corvette but with a supercharger it does look to stand a chance against the 2011 mustang GT (at least in a straight line). My guess is that the camaro will continually be outclassed by comparably priced mustangs till the alpha platform shows up in 2014, no wait, 2018, no ... uh 2020... maybe.

    The real good news here is that GM is betting there are still americans left that can afford something more expensive then even the SS.
    The 5th gen SS isn't very far off the 2011 GT as it is what makes you think the Z/28 would have a problem?

    It'll still be heavy, and ugly.