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BangShift Forum Upgrade Happening on Wednesday and Thursday!

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  • BangShift Forum Upgrade Happening on Wednesday and Thursday!

    Yes, freaking finally. The long awaited BangShift forum upgrade will happen on Wednesday and Thursday. This process will have a few steps and will take the forums off-line for certain periods during Wednesday and Thursday. You may stop in here and get a "work in progress" note or something to that effect while the guys at the web company do their work.

    What does this mean for you?

    You'll have the ability to directly upload photos and stuff to the forums. No more using Photobucket, etc.
    You'll be able to build your own "garage" profiling your cars and sharing photos and information about them.
    You'll be able to use some other new widgets that we'll announce once things are in place.

    What YOU will have to do...

    Because passwords are protected data, they cannot be transferred to the new board. That means you'll need to request a new password on your first log-in. This is easily accomplished by clicking the forgot password link in the log in window. You'll be e-mailed a new password, which you can change once you have logged in to your account for the first time.

    We have had a small band of BS agents get in and try the "new" site, with lots of good feedback and information. They all managed to navigate the password resetting process. (Moderators/Admins) have a different process to go through, but that's not of your concern.

    Will there be initial glitches and small issues? Probably, yes. Avatars and other stuff should "make the switch" but if they do not, you'll need to reload them. We'll be available for help via e-mail @ [email protected]

    We've obviously spent a bunch of time tweaking and working on this thing so we anticipate that you'll enjoy it. The people who have been to the "other side" and worked with the basic version have all been complimentary and provided awesome feedback that we put to good use.



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