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Question of the Day: What is the Most Boneheaded Thing You Have Ever Done While Showi

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  • Question of the Day: What is the Most Boneheaded Thing You Have Ever Done While Showi

    With all the news coming out about the sinking of the cruise ship#Costa Concordia, the root cause is looking more and more like a simple act of bad judgement on behalf of the captain who may have been showing off to impress someone or a group of people. While his gaffe is one of the [...]


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    I don't have a majorly destructive one, but I did go into a power slide in the Skylark on accident pulling a left turn too fast (on a sanded road because it had snowed a few days earlier), which resulted in a few over corrections before getting the car straight again. Got lucky no one was on the road I turned on too. The only other one was in high school, dragging shopping carts up to 40+mph and letting them go. One tagged my car before we realize it's better to hit the brakes and watch it in front of us instead of next to us =P
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      After getting some fancy new wheels and sticky rubber on my Volkswagen GTI me and a few friends were cruising around one night. I decided to show them how much better it handeled by weaving back and fourth down one of the main drags. . . .right on front of a CHP cruiser. Resulting in an unsafe lane change ticket.
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        I jumped out of the driver seat of my 78 delta88 with cruise control on..
        after scaring the passengers I reached from the back seat and steered the car.

        nothing happened.
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