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Driveway Tech: Battling the Oil Burning Monte Carlo

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  • Driveway Tech: Battling the Oil Burning Monte Carlo

    (Words, Photos, Bleeding and Struggle by Scott Liggett) – As we continued to fight this darn car’s oil burning 350 we transitioned from frustration to inspiration, back to frustration, then to desperation to try to fix this issue. During the last two months we as close to ripping the engine clean out of the car [...]


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    Time for a replacement. That engine is cursed, and just start from scratch. LS or some other engine!
    Escaped on a technicality.


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      I know you sold the car but I have had trouble with those intake gaskets at one time as well I couldn't get the intake to seal. I had oil coming up -seeping right where the head and intake meet at the ports.I used a different brand gasket ( I think Edlebrock) and fixed it. I remember reading someplace that those gaskets dont seal an aluminum intake that well.


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        Us FE guys call those "Print-o-leaks" they work fine for about 1000 miles then they tear along the bottom of the ports,the thought is due to the size of the intake on an FE the heat/cool cycles just cut the gasket.

        I had a mistery leaker that was a bad PCV valve.