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Is Firebird International Raceway Going to Close in 2013?

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  • Is Firebird International Raceway Going to Close in 2013?

    A murky by all together depressing picture is beginning to emerge regarding the future of Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. Some statements made by the track operator, Charlie Allen, along with announcements being made by the Native American tribe that owns the land the track is sitting on points to a future that may [...]


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    They should build a drag strip in the parking lot of the mall. I know the food court would appreciate it.
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      Speed World is better anyways...........I was wondering when it was going to happen, it's just to close to homes now and the track is OLD, it'd be better to move it and build a new "state of the art track", that can handle the masses, maybe even incorporate Pit Garage bays for the teams............

      And on a side note, why would they build a Shopping Center there, when there is a huge shopping center(AZ Mills) just up the highway.........

      Way to many shopping centers in this town, and now the Indians want to get in on the action........
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