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Question of the Day: What is the First Car You Remember Riding Around in as a Kid?

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  • Question of the Day: What is the First Car You Remember Riding Around in as a Kid?

    This question came up as I was tooling around with my son Jack yesterday. I was wondering what his three year old brain is holding onto as far as information about the family cars he’s occupied in his time. I know he fondly remembers the, “big green truck” and he’ll probably remember my wife’s horrendous [...]


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    Dad had a black Volvo Amazon......
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      This one, that's me and my dad had just brought it home from the dealer.

      Click image for larger version

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        My dad had a CJ5, it was atleast 3 different colors. I remember sitting on his lap as he plowed the driveway with it.

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          was a butternut yellow Nova, hub caps, rust holes and 250/pg powered.

          OR it was a 72 LTD...Not 100% which one came first or ot may have been at the same time...I do know I was very small.

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            My dads new Cutlass,it was a twin to this one but had spoke wheels.


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              57 plymouth we had when we moved from Minnesota to Tucson in 1963. Sold it soon after. My older brother and sister got in the only picture I have of it, I think this was still in Minnesota

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                Red and white 55 Ford Crown Vic...
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                  my Dad's '60 Pontiac Catalina with a 389 NASCAR Super Duty. i still remember the feel of being thrown back in the seat and the sound.....


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                    My Mom's 65 Mustang 289 4 speed with manual steering, cruising Main st. back in the early 70s with dad while mom worked nights at GE.