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Question of the Day: What is the Coolest Obsolete Engine?

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  • Question of the Day: What is the Coolest Obsolete Engine?

    The march of progress means that things do not stay the same for very long, especially in the automotive realm. Something that is the hot ticket one day is relegated to the scrap heap the next. Yesterday’s high tech is today’s door stop and the cycle repeats over and over again. Being the hot roddy [...]


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    most all I am a fan of is obsolete..or altered so badly claiming technology, it would be stronger to pluck the obsolete one out of the pile and keep going.

    I believe real engineering for v8s left off with 3 exhaust ports on each side. the engineers know its a crazy siamesing of inline four grotesqued genetics...slow that crazy wobbler down, capture resonance..keep the little kids brains from getting hit with it...not to mentio the planet sucking in the 30% theorized permanent out of balance condition.

    all the liquid cooler boxer 4 with 3 main bearings.

    the benx crank flat six: the one and only, chevy corvair engine.

    the 120v6 I spotted in a formula 1 video.. can't find details. Appeared to be a straight pin crank, in a 120 block. wow.

    the 6.2 n/a diesel by gm...never really mounted in a place to dish out 450 foot pounds...all without a turbo. real tragedy. it told the truth of all steel surrounding all the engine bays and frames we got even today.

    Some of the little inline four diesels of the foriegn kind.
    not all of them mind you..just a few. isuzu, mercedes...NOT the vw....
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      The Cosworth 4-cyl they used in the Vegas was damned cool. Too bad the car rusted to the ground around it.

      It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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        1950 Buick Fireball 8. 6-71 blower on custom intake. Updated with distributorless ignition and EFI. We window the block near the end of the video, but this car still holds a number of XXO class records at bonneville.

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