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Project Buford T Justice Update: The Trans Thrash is ON!

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  • Project Buford T Justice Update: The Trans Thrash is ON!

    If you remember, we put Project Buford T Justice on the dyno a couple weeks ago and fragged the trans and driveshaft in violent fashion. Since then, we recalled a transmission that has been living in a basement since the Clinton administration was in office, bought some el cheapo parts to stick the thing back [...]


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    So when I started pulling all of the ancillary stuff off of the transmission, I was interested in a loose area above the inspection cover. I pulled the inspection cover and than this chunk of the bell housing immediately fell, smashing me in the face.
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      Did you name that part of the case "Wilson" ?
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        Any updates on Buford?


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          Yes, Andy, trans is in and ready to go. Been having issues finding the correct copper driveshaft. I have a friend who is a JY guy and he has one coming for me. Hopefully will bolt in on Monday. Don't want to write the story (this chapter of it anyway) until it is down and driving.
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            Wouldn't steel or even aluminium be stonger than copper?
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              ^^^ lol ^^^
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                ^ smart ass! hehehe....

                Nice! Glad to hear its coming along! I cringed a little when I saw the new black top...I just had my driveway cost so much I'm sure my wife would denut me if I made a mess on it!

                Can't wait to hear your thoughts with the new trans in! I'm curious if it was the 700's deep first was really helping things move off the line?

                I love this project because anyone can do it. And you proved with your drag strip trip that you don't need to be running in the 10's to have fun!

                Are you gonna autocross it in mostly stock form? That would be a HOOT and a handfull! Better find a bigger course rather than a tight parking lot!
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