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Question of the Day: Are You A Well Rounded Gearhead or Do You Have Automotive Tunnel

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  • Question of the Day: Are You A Well Rounded Gearhead or Do You Have Automotive Tunnel

    Being into lots of different types of stuff is kind of an occupational hazard when you write an automotive blog like BangShift. Most times, I get to do stuff in dribs and drabs but this current week is a good one for gearhead coolness. With a couple days at the drags already under my belt [...]


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    I consider myself to be a well-rounded gearhead. My interests range from drag racing to Australian jet sprint boats, from RC stuff to model trains, from vintage sports cars to F1, from WoO sprint cars to tractor pulls....

    But I haven't liked NASCRAP since they got rid of chrome bumpers....

    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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      I am more of a carshow/cruise in type, but I go to dragraces to look at the cars and maybe get some tips and tricks and am gone right after the first round of eliminations because I couldn't care less who wins.


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        i am definitely in a tunnel. with rare exception anything made after 72 is just... yawn... boring.
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          my own is involuntary. I am all over the place with likes and wants. Hard to hate anything when it all sucks in one way or another.

          started off typical american carbed v8, dodge sedan. went onto twenty others all so very different but brand names clumped together. Rally types, straight line..there is nothing else.

          Every single one of them have no concern for their own backside. Be it steel, electrical, physics. won't even find a diode in the past 100 years.

          Fun is fun. Real working of something leads to a brandless know how. Racing of anything is the top of someones silent game. I like all of it, for whatever rules are set.
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            I try to be open-minded about the sport(s). I feel that cars should be driven. If it's parked in a group for showing and/or socializing, that's cool, but to build a car only to show is beyond my conception and wallet. I like various forms of racing; straight, corners, dirt, asphalt, open-wheel, full bodied, European sport sedan, I can enjoy most of it. Cars that are supposed to be from different manufacturers but built to look and race alike have lost all interest from me, that's no longer competition of brands, it's modified IROC racing.



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              started with a 73 camaro cruiser with some drag racing..went to work at a 4x4 shop,got in trailer riding jeeps,did a few mud bogs,then into racing a rock buggy (xrra) , did four wheeler top truck challenage,4wheel & offroad ultimate adventure,did the wide open baja tour ,took 10 laps in a busch series car. got back into old cars again,doing some nostalgia racing (gassers) ,did hot rod dragweek..ive watched nascar,and some roundy round dirt track stuff,.i thinking a prostreet car should be i guess in pretty rounded...