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Question of the Day: Which Car Has History Most Over Glorified?

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  • Question of the Day: Which Car Has History Most Over Glorified?

    Yesterday we asked what car history has been unfair to. Today we ask just the opposite. We want to know what car history has been overly kind to. Let’s face it, as car guys and fans of domestic cars mostly, we have lots of history ram-rodded down our throats. Stuff about the sanctity of cars [...]


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    The VW Beetle. Now, before all you bug fans get in a asscheek-clenching facial tic inducing tizwaz, understand that I'm not saying the Beetle wasn't/isn't still iconic. God knows without them we never would have had the dune buggy craze and any number of fine hop ups/conversions by hot rodders, but on balance the basic bug was a piece of crap and the new one has done nothing to change my mind.
    Michael from Hampton Roads


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      the vw beetle is righteous, if you don't know why...get back to you counterbalanced combination of inline fours in a crazy theory (as per v8 hot rodding usual)

      the most overglorified is the porsche. it took the corvair type crank and mauled it into a crazy one...the 911 is not supposed to exist, the boxster fact, I don't even want to know how nerdy they got in years long intervals to make that work. it is still fragile and easy to make a complaint.

      I wanted to build my own porsche engine, the tiny air cooled 2.2, finding the carnk photo was a jaw dropper. some like the craziness. I don't for physics reasons.

      there is others. but porsche. that just makes me angry , as I am a seriously flat 4/6 fan.
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        Red 1969 Camaros.

        It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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          Drag Week 2006 & 2012 - Winner Street Race Big Block Naturally Aspirated - R/U 2007 Broke DW '05 and Drag Weekend '15 Coincidence?


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            Originally posted by CDMBill View Post
            That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!