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eBay Find: A Mint 1975 GMC Motorhome

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  • eBay Find: A Mint 1975 GMC Motorhome

    Chad and I have long joked that we need a BangShift mobile command center. We need a vehicle capable of serving as our live broadcast station, living quarters when Daphne and Kerri get pissed at us for buying junk, home away from home for announcing gigs, and also a rolling party wagon with kegs. The [...]


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    screw the childish crap, DO IT


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      It doesn't have what you need - a living quarters interior.

      Unless you plan on getting paid ALOT for your announcing gigs - the vast majority of your salary - and maybe more - will go straight down the throat of that Rochester Quadrajet.

      My friends diesel pusher gets 8 on a really good day running 60mph. I would think you're looking at 4-6 with the mighty 455 singing along in direct drive with no over drive, 55mph is it. Sure - I know you're into slow - and that's cool.... aint my money ;-)
      There's always something new to learn.


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        i have a 57 chevy school bus was converted into a RV 30ish years ago..sleeps 6 has a full kitchen,back deck and a running 348..someone needs it more than me...


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          my 45 foot, 24,500 pound 71 passenger Thomas bus with 6.9 diesel would roll 60 WFO and get about 8-9. The 455 is gonna be hungry, hell, they didn't do all that well in the Toronados!

          I found one locally this week for 3500.00 and it's in decent shape. The $$$ part is modernizing it I think. A black light will show you that you need new upholstery. Probably all of it. lmao.
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