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Evan Knoll's attorney asks for leniency

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  • Evan Knoll's attorney asks for leniency

    Evan Knoll's attorney asks for leniency.
    Nice Guy Ed
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    Evan Knoll's attorney should ask for a bottle of jack daniels and curt cobain's shotgun... no sympathy here.
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        Evan Knoll on Nitromater:

        If you don’t like me I don’t give a sh*t; that’s the bottom line. God, family and my loved ones come first, and we will see you at the track or around. By the way, this again is a hobby for me and I don’t even have five friends that I can count on; and guess what I AM RICH!!!! I do know I have a lot of loved ones, family and” racing family” that’s different from the so called friends and few friends that stand behind me, so go beat off and get a life for a FEW ONLY jerks that are out there. If you like me you do and if you don’t like me, you don’t because I won’t give a sh*t about you then!!!!!!!!!! So, saying that you can see who I care for God, my family and loved ones, and if that pisses some of you off BITE ME cause it doesn’t matter. WANT SOME, COME AND GET SOME - IT’S ALL HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Live your life for yourself, God, family and loved ones. It ain’t a hard rule to remember. Be yourself and if someone has a problem with you being you GOOD FOR THEM, F*@K EM!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!”

        That particular attitude is going to make him quite popular in prison.

        You know what though? I wish him the best of luck on his recovery.
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        Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.