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massively moody 4.3 v6

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  • massively moody 4.3 v6

    so this is the deal... i just got my first car, which is a 1982 chevy malibu classic (wagon). its a driver allright. first week after driving it, starter crapped out and converter went bye-bye. (the tranny is a th350 before i forget.) so a friend of mines drops the tranny to the floor so we can change the converter and do the needed repairs, all good. when we put everything back together, it started up just fine, but it started misfiring like crazy... the car has a carb'ed 4.3 v6 in it, had a holley 600 single pump in it, (swapped it for a 350 2 bbl.) when everything was said and done, i drove the car and it started to just snap, crackle and pop like a possesed demon. its UNDRIVEABLE now... i could barely get it past the driveway without it stalling!!! i started it today and it was just horrible, when i put it into drive, it just misfired like crazy so i gave it a little gas and BOOM... misfire and dead!!! i don't know if its the spark plugs, or ignition, or something!!! the thing is, its driving me nuts to see the car just sitting there and its my only car... anybody could help out a broke a$$ newbie here??? PLEASE!!!

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    Mod - can we move this to tech?

    new guy muyama, welcome. This should be posted in Tech section... not the blog.

    I've had a screwed up EGR do what you are describing, might be worth pulling it off and checking to make sure it is working. They get crudded up.
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      how do i get there? im kinda new to this page and im lost! thanks for your insight!