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What Is The One Automotive Gauge That You Couldnít Live Without?

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  • What Is The One Automotive Gauge That You Couldnít Live Without?

    Having just passed the six month mark of ownership with my Ď87 Monte Carlo LS, itís safe to say that there is one thing that is driving me bonkers about the car, and itís the lack of gauges in the instrument cluster. Other than a speedometer which always reads five to seven miles-per-hour too slow [...]


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    Voltmeter. When I pitch the alt/fan belt from overrevving, the voltmeter is the indicator. Having a functional idiot light along with the guage has saved my sandrail engine many time from a toasty death.

    (On a VW, the engine cooling fan and the alternator mount to the same shaft and use the same belt, just to clarify.)
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      I like a tach on everything... Feel does not always work..
      Then I hate walking... Fuel guage...
      I pretty much keep a good eye on my oil levels.. But I still like oil press guages to remind me I'm running..
      I like the temp guage so I can turn on the heat..
      I like the amp guage so I know if the jumper cables are hooked up right..
      Who can live with none? DERBY CARS! Less stuff to short break or get mangled!


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        If I could only have one.. speedometer.
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