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Craigslist Find: This Is The Nicest Camaro Body VW Kit Car You

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  • Craigslist Find: This Is The Nicest Camaro Body VW Kit Car You

    Color us absolutely floored. Back in December of 2012, we ran a blog item featuring a bizarre and totally sad sack looking abandoned VW kit car that had a Camaro-style body on it. The proportions were all wrong and it literally looked like something that came off the set of a Disney movie. See that […]


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    Almost cute.
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      All that and just a stock 1600? Lame......that thing is screaming for a stroker with good heads and dual Webers. Would embarrass most Camaros with that configuration under the deck.
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        These kits where shown at the 1973 New York auto show, I found these pictures some time back.


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          it looks fun, and there is adapters for all kinds of other boxers.
          I was thinking plenty of room for a radiator up front.

          search you tube for the wrx engine swap into a beetle.. insanely fun.
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