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The Top 11 Greatest Racing Rivalries

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    Re: The Top 11 Greatest Racing Rivalries

    Big E and Richmond wasnt as much as a rivalry as the other guys, I think if there was one guy that Dale knew would take it to him ,it would be Tim. Big E respected Tim more than feared him, or a rivlary with him. Richmond could get as much or more out of a car as E could, and he knew it. Anybody that had been out most of the year and could come back from 2 laps down and only 3rd and 4th gear at Pocono and win has my respect.
    I know only 2 guys that would bounce the car off the wall at Charlotte during qualifying to get more speed and thats Earnhardt and Richmond.
    How about Kulwicki vs the factory backed mega buck cars,at the time the only driver with a eng degree,and it showed.
    How about Buick vs everybody else,Ford cried foul, illegal heads.


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      Re: The Top 11 Greatest Racing Rivalries

      Originally posted by SpiderGearsMan
      richard petty -bobby allison 1972 n wilkesboro
      dale earnhardt vs geoff bodine
      dale earnhardt vs bill elliott
      dale earnhardt vs tim richmond
      it could go on and on - earnhardt hated everybody
      he really didnt hate anybody. him and tim richmond were actually more friends than anything else


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        Re: The Top 11 Greatest Racing Rivalries

        I think you missed one, guys. This one is so painfully obvious to me.

        Buick GS VS Hemi GTX shootout

        How many years has this rivalry been stirring now? It always raises the hackles of ANY Buick or Mopar fans. Gawd... I remember this from the old Cars Illustrated days...

        It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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          Re: The Top 11 Greatest Racing Rivalries

          Ok Ron my last line was Buick ,but mostly I was talking Cup series but it was there hard to get past those 430 or 455 ci engines.