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Rough Start: The Two-For-One Australian Special!

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  • Rough Start: The Two-For-One Australian Special!

    So, here


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    Brazilian Dodge Charger R/T, has to be the Charger R/T for my money the Dart Gran, LeBaron, or Magnum all have characteristics I like and some I don't, but the Charger R/T is just plain cool. Though the prices when converted over are really damn high in dollars.

    Argentinian Dodge GTX and Polara R/T I don't see much difference between them running gear or looks wise so I think either work. Not to fussy over the 5X6 headlamps but the body has some 60's b-bogy lines and also reminiscent of mid 60's Cutlass kind of.

    And just because I probably spend to much time online looking at cars I think cool things could really be done with the Barkas vans of the 60's and early 70's. I also really like the treatment that was given to the 2dr hardtop Volga Gaz m-21 that was cross bred with a BMW
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