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  • NSRA Nats 2010

    Having been a member of NSRA years ago and attending my first nationals back in 1986 I was quite disturbed at the potential damage to be done with the year extension the association proposed last year. Really...there are places for cars of those years and actually extending it beyond '72 seemed to make no sense whatdoever. I mean....what significant (besides SD455s) is there after '72...?

    So my boys and I have made the short jaunt to Louisville for most of the past decade to take the event in and have a honest-to-goodness 'guy day'. I was apprehensive, but decided to give the event a shot and shrugged off the bad attitude before we gto to town. Glad I did....

    We took a lot of photos, but I'm only dropping a third or so here. I don't often take pictures of cars I've seen in previous years so if you don't see something striking you remember, I probably got it a previous year or we didn't have time to see it. I bet we only saw around 1/5th of the show. The car count was over 10,000. At the end of the day we were delighted with the additions and completely exhausted. I take issue with the cars using disproportionate wheels, but hopefully there'll be a force of folks next year policiing that at the gate, beating the owners to a pulp, and removing the offensive over 20" wheels fitted to wheelwells meant for 14s.

    Torino ragtop

    71 Wagon I wouldn't mind having in a different color

    Awesome Art.....

    This is the real deal. Rubber in the fenderwell, a diaper, and trans blanket. I didn't ask what it ran.


    Just about perfect....

    almost as good. Blown.....sounded nice crusing around.

    Possibly the best, subtle wagon I have ever seen. Looked comfy.

    Rowdy 55.

    Other than the Parkwood wagon, this was the nicest 59-61 Chevy I saw.

    Slick Caddy

    Stude clean-ness.

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    Re: NSRA Nats 2010


    Galaxy 427 goodness

    Factory 5...Yum.

    I might be a snob against the use of LSx in everything, but this is right-on.

    Vette powered and suspended project that needs rescued.

    Olds barge. I'd own it.

    Never seen this before on a steering wheel.

    Swap meet gasser

    This safari was solid, but the asking price was out of line.

    My son hated this. Why not...? As long as its not LSx-powered, I'm good with it.

    Some different wheels on a classic 40. I like.


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      Re: NSRA Nats 2010


      This might one of only 3 'rat' type rods I shot. I had one of these trucks once.

      So much is right about this car.

      This pair were detailed alike and really had some clean, subtle changes.

      Anglia = not a family car unless you are used to a prius.

      When was the last time you saw a STOCK anglia...

      Interesting flame treatment on this duece.

      From everything I saw, this car is the real deal and not a new creation. Nice Henry J.


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        Re: NSRA Nats 2010

        The interior of this Country squire wagon was so clean...


        This one was featured on the event T-shirt. I like it, but the carbon-fiber look is about done in my book.

        I'd take it, but would rather have a 67 or 68 in this flavor.

        A very nice porthole that I couldn't get a whole picture of.

        I had never heard of this car before, but it is SWEET. Hope it gets driven.


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          Re: NSRA Nats 2010

          The flaming river truck.

          I swear....there was a light bulb behind that paint...

          I actually like this....

          The son checking out a clean 60 in the swap meet.

          He's looking at another 60.....

          I want this....won't fit in my garage, but I want it.


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            Re: NSRA Nats 2010

            More real-deal stuff.

            Don't ride in the rain, but it works.


            Farm truck gone to town...

            Just a nice hot rod.

            At the Mothers truck. A hemi rising above the roof is just fine by me.

            They ran this on the power tour...

            Spectre Mustang

            corner carver


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              Re: NSRA Nats 2010


              EFI'd Hilborn stacks on a big-block in a Willys. It would be 100% perfect if it had a rollbar.

              This one is about as traditional and clean as it gets.

              Mile-deep Root Beer. Nice.


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                Re: NSRA Nats 2010


                Color = Dupont 'spanked baby poop' semi-gloss.

                Always wanted one of these....

                The end.... 8)