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Western Slope Driving Institue/Littleton Car Show....

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  • Western Slope Driving Institue/Littleton Car Show....

    Or, putting together my first car show ...

    So this thing started way back in January ’12 when we “officially” opened the Littleton branch of Western Slope Driving Institute (now serving the Front Range). We were looking for a way to promote our driving school as well as bring more traffic thru the strip mall where our office is located ….. and thus the first annual Littleton/WSDI Car Show was born.

    Let me just say, organizing, coordinating, planning and ultimately running a car show is A LOT of work! I must give thanks where it is due …
    1st and foremost, Thank You Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful crew and beautiful day, without either, I’m sure it woulda failed.

    Mike, Doreen and Josh Rossi …. You guys gave me the ball and told me to run ….. THANK YOU!

    Michelle my wife, Brian (Stewie on BS), Jake and Kayla, my family for putting up with me being pre-occupied with the show, and also for spending a Saturday in 97* temps and helping out. You guys are the BEST!

    Ken and Linda (cheapstreet) and their beautiful Camaro. They took a Saturday and drove 70+ miles each way to support us. That right there is proof that BS’ers support and help each other out …. Thanks guys, it means the world to us that you came down.

    Harold Schultz and his contacts and experience setting up the monthly Downtown Littleton Cruise, We did our show prior to his cruise and I’m certain that was a contributor to our success.
    Bill Marlin and Red Deslisle for the perfect music and entertainment for the show ….. even if Red is afraid of clowns…..which leads to:

    The El Jebel Shriners for promising two clowns, and actually having six show up.

    So the final numbers: 38 cars showed up, an estimated 2000 potential customers came thru the lot, and all three of the restaurants reported that Saturday was their best sales date of this year so far.

    Here is a link to The Hotrod Hotline gallery:
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