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Adirondack Nationals Lake George NY this weekend

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  • Adirondack Nationals Lake George NY this weekend

    Whos going?! Ill be there with my black Monte . We will hangin out in the evening at my friends trailer which should be in front of the arcade near the Capri pizzeria with a white dually hooked to it and a 64 Buick Sport wagon nearby as well as my Monte.
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    Kept an eye out for ya, saw the car. That Buick wagon is sick. Was there Thursday night, the Stewarts shop was insane with at least a dozen cars that by all accounts would be 8 and 9 sec rigs, and lots of action going down outside of town.

    Saturday I went to the show and then afterwards went to Glens Falls for dinner,came back and it was like all hell broke loose. Thousands of people in the streets, burnouts everywhere, no police until after 10 pm.

    While I don't care for the way police have treated people there in the past, this year was just crazy, and after making two passes through town I left. I'm very surprised there were no arrests made or worse, people getting injured. A friend that stayed there for the weekend said there were cars doing donuts in the road and stunt bikes and mini bikes all over. I bet next year it will be back to the way its been in years past, with people getting ticketed for non stock exhaust and other nonsense.


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      I was looking for you Andy. Did you have your Falcon? Yeah it was nuts out there,Stewarts was hoppin! Some stuff did get outta hand, burnouts all over and the cops didnt keep the spectators back on the sidewalk so you had to be really careful in the parade,its kinda stressfull. Did you see my nutty friends in the blue Chevelle convert? They need new tires after Saturday night!


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        How did it go ? from facebook posts Anthony was having a good old time


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          i had a great time,my car ran well all the way there, lots of great stuff to see,only thing is the time goes by too quickly.