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Dakota RT western national meet 2013 pics

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  • Dakota RT western national meet 2013 pics

    Last weekend the Dakota RT national meet was held in Sacramento CA. It was one of three held across the country (west, midwest and east) with a total of over 80 trucks and owners showing up in the three various locations. When we get together we dont sit in lawn chairs and stare at each other, we race! This year it was a one day event due to some scheduling issues so we held it to drag racing (usually we have a drag day and an autocross day). The Dakota RT is a great sports car with a huge trunk, and turning one into a 10 second drag racer is fairly straight forward. HRM missed the mark by not mentioning the Dakota as a great, inexpensive way to get into a muscle vehicle. In stock form they are capable of challenging almost any non-truck in an autocross and as you can see by the pictures they are quite able to take on the owners personal styling desires with a flair! Im biased as I bought one new (the purple truck in the pics) and love it to pieces (literally sometimes)... tough love. We had a blast and Id rove it over 600 miles to and from the track, hauling a load of firewood back to San Diego... (and I won second place in the brackets... how cool is that)
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    Bruce K Bridges