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Posting for classicbern1, his garage and '57 Chevy got TORCHED

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  • Posting for classicbern1, his garage and '57 Chevy got TORCHED

    Guys, for anyone on here that has not heard, one of our own got his frickin' garage and his '57 Chevy torched the other night by some POS.
    Bernis is on Facebook, but you can also find him under the Hot Rod Powertour group page.

    Classicbern1 - Bernie is taking it about to be expected. I know I've been a complete ghost on the BS forum for a while due to my own life issues but this broke my heart.
    He's trying to sort things out. It's a complete mess of things right now.

    Car was insured but the garage is a loss from my understanding. He only had mobile cell phone access right now and can't access the Bangshift board really easily.

    If you are on Facebook, drop him a line. I can't understand why anyone would do this to anyone's vintage car. I'm completely sickened by it. I'm pissed off over it.

    "Bernie Wagner I talked to one of the neighbors apparently it was a hell of a spectacle last night at 3 a.m. they said things were shooting off into the sky about 60 sheets and then coming back down to the fireball I'm guessing that was the oxygen and acetylene tanks or maybe a propane tank or two"
    I have an idea on who done it or who was responsible for it to be done so I'm not going to mention anything now I'm just going to try to do this the legal way

    I told him I am more than up for helping him a rebuild or helping on a new car, even if it means driving 1500 miles with tools to get a man back onto Powertour and happiness.
    I don't have his cell number, but if you guys message me, or can message him on facebook, he could use the support.

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    What kind of scum does that, I do hope justice catches up with them ?


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      Makes me sick to see this..
      Malc, probably bored kids or psychos..


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        Very sickening.... I hope the best you find who did this.


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          I had lunch with a group of friends and we were wondering how people (usually men) get that sick in the head. Born that way or...... Who knows. Either way, this individual or group has identified him/themselves as being unfit to live in civilized society. Hope he/they are caught.



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   hate a classic.

            fuels skyrocketing to the sky, more than one he sure it did not get too hot the day prior to set it off?

            a barn even went up here in maine, barely 80F at its hottest, seeming by itself like matchsticks. Lost quite a few classics.
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              thanks for posting that for me Andrew I couldn't get the pictures to come up it was 3:15 a.m. and wasn't that hot today before they do have a person of interest and I can't say right now all I can say is you will be absolutely surprised


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                Sorry to hear that Bernie ... I hope the law catches the culprit !


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                  That sucks. Sorry to hear this. Hope karma gets the bastard.
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                    As horrible as this incident is, be glad this person took his anger, or hatred out on a car and not a family member. A car is replaceable.
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                      Everyone's nightmare. I hope the guy is properly punished and that Bernie has an opportunity to rebuild.
                      I'm still learning


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                        Sad to see. Hope they catch the scum bag(s).
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                          Holy crap. That's as tragic as it gets for material things.
                          Escaped on a technicality.


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                            Damn dude... I don't know what to say.
                            I'm probably wrong


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                              Unclear about the garage, was it insured or not ?