I had to pull my bobcat out of another predicament but this time I took pictures.... so, how do you safely pull a heavy vehicle out?

the winch is a hidden 9500 Smitybilt winch with a synthetic rope.... and before you start, synthetic ropes do not store energy like a steel cable, so no need for a blanket

always hook to a clevis, and always put the hook so the opening faces up (so if it breaks it drops to the ground)

when using a snatch block, always use a clevis AND if using a tree as an anchor, don't kill the tree - use a tree saver (that is NOT a tow strap, snatch strap, but a made-for-purpose strap)

note the acute angle? the bobcat weighs 6000 lbs as does the H3 - I had to pull the bobcat towards the line, thus, there was at least 9000 lbs of pull on that line initially.

always block the front wheels