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  • Winching

    I had to pull my bobcat out of another predicament but this time I took pictures.... so, how do you safely pull a heavy vehicle out?

    the winch is a hidden 9500 Smitybilt winch with a synthetic rope.... and before you start, synthetic ropes do not store energy like a steel cable, so no need for a blanket

    always hook to a clevis, and always put the hook so the opening faces up (so if it breaks it drops to the ground)

    when using a snatch block, always use a clevis AND if using a tree as an anchor, don't kill the tree - use a tree saver (that is NOT a tow strap, snatch strap, but a made-for-purpose strap)

    note the acute angle? the bobcat weighs 6000 lbs as does the H3 - I had to pull the bobcat towards the line, thus, there was at least 9000 lbs of pull on that line initially.

    always block the front wheels

    Doing it all wrong since 1966