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  • Vintage Drag footage

    The thread on "another dragstrip gone" got me thinking,and I didn't want to be a hi-jacker (those rabbit stickers sure were cool,huh?) I've bought lots of DVD's with vintage drag footage off of Ebay.Mostly no sound,sometimes music,but always incredible.I have one that shows the Hurst Hairy Olds crashing at Niagara! You see lots of other cars that you can't help but wonder whatever happened to them.Crashed,parted long ago,or sitting in that old barn you drive past everyday? I recently have discovered that "Bee on Video" has some great stuff available.Jim Amos has some great interviews with all the big names.When the original sound isn't available,they're dubbed as close as possible,you really don't notice.I think I've watched the 70 Super Stock Nationals 10 times now.I also bought a copy of Plymouth's promotional film for the '71 Supercar clinics off the 'Bag. And the more I see of this stuff,the less I believe that you could actually buy these cars new! Has anyone else heard of the supposed forthcoming Challenger Drag package?Supposed to be along the lines of the original "for use only in supervised acceleration trials" Darts,Barracudas,Coronets and Belvederes?Hopefully they'll keep some tracks open so I can see one up close!

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    Re: Vintage Drag footage

    I used to buy vintage footage from a company called "gold dust classics".
    have watched those vhs tapes a million times.
    One tape has a ride-along with "Pure Hell".
    They strap a camera onto the rollcage and film a quarter mile blast.
    Just the footage of the cars at the event is pretty cool to watch.


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      Re: Vintage Drag footage

      Here's a link to the track I was speaking of in the "another dragstrip gone" post. There is a video there for sale that is not found anywhere else.


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        Re: Vintage Drag footage

        ABC Sports covered the very earliest Pro Stock events occasionally,

        and one time interviewed Grumpy one ever we've seen.

        ABC then put one of their cameras in the Camaro's backseat area with a terrific

        view of the tree & his tach, & but primarily focusing on his awesome powershifts!! -- :o

        Wish the networks would open their vid archives to gearheads!


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          Re: Vintage Drag footage

          I'm running on fuzzy memory here, so correct where my recollections are hazy. Still, this may have been the best thing I ever saw on a drag strip and I'm wondering if it's on film somewhere.

          It was 1969 or 70. There was a big event at Detroit Dragway (the Nats, I think) and at least two of Mickey Thompson's funny cars were there. One was driven by Danny Ongais (sp?). At any rate, the Thompson funny went off the track and into the left-hand ditch, I believe with Danny at the wheel. The engine went quiet for a second, then you hear full-on funny car noise again, and the car shot up out of the ditch and back onto the track, finishing the race (I think he was disqualified, darn it!). Those of you who knew the Detroit Dragway know what I mean by the ditches.

          Love to see a vid/movie of THAT one!


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            Re: Vintage Drag footage

            Ok, speaking of vintage drag stuff.

            Does any of this footage show the early flag starters?
            My first trip to the drag strip.......believe it was around first run
            down the track was with a flag starter.
            They put on quite a show back then.

            This one thing I don't have in my can I lay my
            hands on some of this stuff?


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              Re: Vintage Drag footage

              Yea where can you get this stuff? Specifically the 1967 nhra worlds championship runs in tulsa? Pretty sure that i saw somewhere abc filmed them but???????



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                Re: Vintage Drag footage

                I got the ones I have through RSC Collectibles which has the website of
                They have lots of different ones.I didn't see any flag starters that I remember,but they have lots of different ones.