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First Jobs - How old, and what did you do?

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    I had a paper route at 11-12 years old and mowed lawns. Never spent any of the money, my dad put it in a savings account for me. Had enough to buy my Falcon at 15 years old, still have it 35 years later.


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      I forgot all about mowing yards & scooping sidewalks & driveways in the winter months. I was doing that when I was ten or eleven. By the time that I was 12-13 my friends & I would go out to scoop in the winter & we learned how to use our own money to pay our way by using the money that we made to pay for our lunches along the way. Ironically, I was audited by the IRS twenty years later and accused of doing those exact same things. When my first wife & I got divorced we had a garage sale to sell the things that neither of us wanted. Evidently a divorce trips a warning of some kind with the IRS & they send their JV team to audit you. I had deposited the $700+ that was my half from the garage sale & the guy did not like my explanation of how I came by it. An exact quote would be "How do I know that you were not out mowing yards & scooping walks to make that money?" At the time I was working a full-time job & a part-time evening job AND one or two nights a week on the base crash rescue team whenever I was scheduled. Long story short, I was forced to pay income taxes on that money. From that moment on, not one cent of cash money that came into my hands was ever deposited. Lesson learned.
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        Originally posted by 67 Malibu View Post
        ...... From that moment on, not one cent of cash money that came into my hands was ever deposited. Lesson learned.

        a lesson more than one of us has learned the hard way!
        no reciept/no paper trail? NEVER HAPPENED.


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          The Jefferson Swap Meet is the weekend after Easter.

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            I am 35-year old guy that spent half of his life in fixing cars and trucks.

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